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Some call it God, others Self, some Consciousness, one calls it Awareness, someone else prefers Oneness, there are those who like to name it Budha nature, also Christ Consciousness, people call it Shiva, others like the term Sat-Guru, let's not forget Allah before he gets mad and well of course Jahweh sounds good.

All of the above and those not mentioned are only labels, nothing more! Now that statement will be labelled blasphemy by millions of people. Let's look a little deeper into this.

All of this naming is not happening just like that, there is our existence and there is consciousness of this, there must be something behind this in control of all of it, let's give it a name. Us being human we feel the need to be unique and feel we belong to a group.

There is a mind, and it labels litterally everything even itself and the body as a separate self and something before it which cannot really be known by it.

And so seeming division and separateness came round the corner and wars have been fought ever since, about these labels [and greed of course which isn't all to different].
Isn't that very strange if you really look at it? Cause do we really know that there is something behind in control? And that if it were so we would just be fighting and defending names for the same thing?

But is it really true that there is something there behind which is in control and being aware or doing the looking? Most people just assume this must be so cause they were either raised like that, were told this or just think this is logical. But is reality by definition logical?

Now read this:

a modernization of a quote from 'whoso knoweth himself" by ibn el'arabi:

you are not a you.
this is life, without any you.

you never were,
and you never will be.

there is only life
without separation.


The Prophet (upon whom be peace) points out by that, that thou art not thou: thou art He, without thou;

 it is meant by it that thou never wast nor wilt be, whether by thyself or through Him or in Him or along with Him.

Thou art neither ceasing to be nor still existing. Thou art He, without one of these limitations.

For the whole text click I recommend it!  Whoso knoweth himself?

Now to me that sounds a lot more like reality! What would the implication be if it were true? Let's see: no division or separation, nothing to defend or fight wars about and no self to uphold or maintain and to make perfect. So is there a self in the reality of experience right now? check this right NOW!

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