vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

Why identification?

Reading about a very clear, gentle and smooth 'liberation' by Ilona marked, eternal it finally hit me. Which is that the reason a lot of people like to believe in something higher like the Self, Consciousness, Awareness or the Divine, the Infinite, the Unmanifested, the Divine matrix is because of our need to identify with or as something. What if there was nothing to identify with?

So once there comes up the idea that there might be more than the physical existence of the body-mind and universe [there must be more to life than this, right?] something else is made up to believe in and identify with. You know the people who say: ''I am the Universe'' or ''I am all and/or everything'' or any of the above.

This often are the people that have felt that there is truth in non-duality but also still believe in a separate existing self. While if one thinks about it this cannot both be true! So if you are of this conviction really STOP NOW and consider why this is not possible! And not because I think I am so special and like to tell people what to do or believe but for yourself. Or would you rather believe in some half-truth than know the truth of life?

So did you figure it out? No? Think again!

Look man/woman, I can just tell you and you could believe me or try and make yourself believe what I tell you but what good would that do? Cause this is not about what you believe to be true, this is about the actual truth of the reality of life! It needs to be seen in the actual experience of daily life.

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