maandag 20 december 2010

The seer and the seen

In the waking state, from the second you wake until you fall into deep sleep, the seer and the seen are always there no matter what is experienced, felt or sensed, no getting around this. So there is absolutely no need to control or do or undo or change anything about your current experience to realize the Truth about your Self.
Yet in deep sleep or unconsciousness where are they? The seer and the seen are nowhere to be found they are in NoThingness or Emptiness, meaning ultimately you are That and everyThing and everyone is coming from That!
All of this is just a concept, eventually you have to leave concepts alone and abide as your true center which is your own Self [and the Self of every other Being].
The seer and the seen are totally One with the Emptiness the all and everything originate from, else there would still be duality.

When the seer rises the seen the I the thoughts the body and the world also rise. You are That which cannot be named before the seer.

For That what you are it doesn't matter at all what happens, in which way things happen or do not happen in the seen.

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zaterdag 18 december 2010

Robert Adams and the One Source of All

Hi since I cannot find any clips on youtube on this enlightened master I thought I'd make it into my first journal entry. Yesterday after hearing his name mentioned by another enlightened master on the Blueprints for Awakening DVD [which is great to check out if you want to find the Truth].

The Truth he shares with us at least to me is that firstly one cannot be the body cause every stage of life one has a totally different body while from birth there is something present which witnesses this and never changes... Which aren't your ever changing thoughts or ego something has to be the source of all of this including the world and the universe... This Force from which everything came is prior to birth prior to the seed and the egg prior to the beginning of the universe and existence... Robert Adams will push you to realize this Force which can also be felt in most of the videos on my profile on this page by one of his devotees

This Force or Consciousness or Higher-Self or whatever name you want to give it is beyond any concept any words any thought or any religion. I do not want to offend anyone by this I only hope that one will realize that through this Force I am talking about all religions are Ultimately One. To me this is clearly the Absolute Truth looking at the fact that through the ages there has always been a God in human form alive on Earth with names like Budha, Mohamed, Meher Baba, Jesus, Adi Da Samraj and if you would ask me currently Ama also called the hugging Saint. Through them and their teachings we can realize our Prior unity, which is something the world desperately needs!
All of this is just a concept, eventually you have to leave concepts alone and abide as your true center which is your own Self [and the Self of every other Being].

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No postponement

Papaji says: "Let your intention be of a different order then the intention to practise or to postpone. Then wipe everything that comes into the mind, including your idea about freedom or enlightenment, or even what you are searching for. Not even the concept of searching may arize in the mind. This freedom from your ideas about yourself, is what I am talking about!
Nobody else can give you anything. This is completely your own affair. And you have to do it yourself. Even if you postone, even if you postpone for a million years - at the end of millions of years you are going to get it.
When you know, you realize there has been no sleep, no ignorance, no darkness. When there is light, where is the darkness? When there is knowledge, where is the ignorance? When there is a rope, where is the snake? When there is no misunderstanding, where is the mirage? All creations of the mind. And you have created it all yourself, due to the imagination.
What is that imagination? "I am not that. I am not absolute freedom. I am not absolute existence." You are identifying yourself with something that is not abiding, that is not changeless, that is not eternal. That is the postponement.
This postponement is like a grinding mill; day and night, it is grinding. The grinding mill is working, and all the beings are being crushed like grains. The mill is working, stones are moving, beings are crushed.
A few here and there - one or two - may be safe near the center pivot, where nothing can crush them. Anything which is away from the center, the Self, the absolute existence, must be crushed."

So I say why are we still postponing? Call off the search!
All of this is just a concept, eventually you have to leave concepts alone and abide as your true center which is your own Self [and the Self of every other Being].

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woensdag 15 december 2010

Just Be

You truly are not separate! How could you be? Your body is totally composed of elements, take away water and hardly anything is left... Meaning you are just one with the universe, all manifested from the same Source. Knowing this forget about these words and Be silent. Not by any practise, just watch the thoughts coming and going till they stop. Then you will experience Bliss or rather unconditional happiness. This is not the Self-Realisation the Guru's talk about cause it cannot be what comes and goes no you are all of the manifested and the unmanifested together. So what is left worth to Desire or strife for? Just Be (totally Silent) - letting the good the bad and the ugly and the all and everything come and go totally content, knowing what you are... Not trying to capture that in concepts or experiences. Full stop, drop the doubts!

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