maandag 20 december 2010

The seer and the seen

In the waking state, from the second you wake until you fall into deep sleep, the seer and the seen are always there no matter what is experienced, felt or sensed, no getting around this. So there is absolutely no need to control or do or undo or change anything about your current experience to realize the Truth about your Self.
Yet in deep sleep or unconsciousness where are they? The seer and the seen are nowhere to be found they are in NoThingness or Emptiness, meaning ultimately you are That and everyThing and everyone is coming from That!
All of this is just a concept, eventually you have to leave concepts alone and abide as your true center which is your own Self [and the Self of every other Being].
The seer and the seen are totally One with the Emptiness the all and everything originate from, else there would still be duality.

When the seer rises the seen the I the thoughts the body and the world also rise. You are That which cannot be named before the seer.

For That what you are it doesn't matter at all what happens, in which way things happen or do not happen in the seen.

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