donderdag 17 november 2011

The mind

You know yourself[body], the world[universe] and others through the mind which enterprets the senses, right? These sense are in fact nothing other than extensions of the mind and are impermanent (as the mind is). And even more importantly everything you are aware of takes place in the mind.

So where is the mind in deep sleep? Arn't you by definition that which is there always? Look for that which is always there.

So the mind and everything it is aware of is impermanent, look for the eternal I can say.

But not anything I say can make you see what this blog points to, you need to see it for yourself!

Thoughts are there almost all the time, what is their source?

Are you in control?

Thoughts will always say there is more, more to realise, more to enlightenment. Which can only happen now, now and now, meaning it is a continuous process and not a moment in the future for a separate person!

This is it!

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