dinsdag 10 januari 2012

There is no you AND ...

There is no you and ... the now, there is only the now and everything that's happenig now.

There is no you and ... others, we are all in the same boat, no one good or bad, high or low, enlightened or unenlightened, free or bound.

There is no you and ... thoughts, there is only what's happening right now, including thoughts about what's happening right now.

There is no you, nothing is separate, full stop, look in the direct experience of right now, is there something there separated from life doing all that? Aren't thoughts, body functions and actions happening whether you think about them or not? Look, not such a big deal, life flows on like it always has whether there is identification with anything or not...

If you read this look here right now, there is guidance by seeming others to look together if the above is just belief or already true in the immediacy of right now:

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donderdag 5 januari 2012

No self means non-duality means there is no self at all, in real life, here and now

No self means non-duality means there is no self at all, in real life, here and now. No one in control of thoughts, feelings, actions, experiences, life as a whole and awareness just are, your not the separate controling person the thoughts seem to create.
If there is the feeling you need to see this for yourself there is a lot that can be said about it but eventually its gonna have to be seen if this is true in the normality [or abnormality] of everyday life. Looked at the simplicity of it, asked what would [need to] change if this were true?

Sit, let go of the need to control or change anything that is, was, or will be. Thought will flow, allow it no matter the content, look, notice everything that happens, from the body functioning, pain, breathing, everything around you, thoughts about that or what was, is, shall be or should be. Where are you in all of this?

Doesn't it all just happen? Without a you in control? Aren't it just the thoughts after the fact of what is that make it seem that things happen to someone separate from life? Allow focus on this, can this be seen?

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