vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

Why identification?

Reading about a very clear, gentle and smooth 'liberation' by Ilona marked, eternal it finally hit me. Which is that the reason a lot of people like to believe in something higher like the Self, Consciousness, Awareness or the Divine, the Infinite, the Unmanifested, the Divine matrix is because of our need to identify with or as something. What if there was nothing to identify with?

So once there comes up the idea that there might be more than the physical existence of the body-mind and universe [there must be more to life than this, right?] something else is made up to believe in and identify with. You know the people who say: ''I am the Universe'' or ''I am all and/or everything'' or any of the above.

This often are the people that have felt that there is truth in non-duality but also still believe in a separate existing self. While if one thinks about it this cannot both be true! So if you are of this conviction really STOP NOW and consider why this is not possible! And not because I think I am so special and like to tell people what to do or believe but for yourself. Or would you rather believe in some half-truth than know the truth of life?

So did you figure it out? No? Think again!

Look man/woman, I can just tell you and you could believe me or try and make yourself believe what I tell you but what good would that do? Cause this is not about what you believe to be true, this is about the actual truth of the reality of life! It needs to be seen in the actual experience of daily life.

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zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

Just being... nothing to see here

Just being... that was the first realisation there was felt to ring true for me after years of searching, pondering and judging if my behavior was enlightened enough. Mainly through teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Papaji, Nome and Nisagardatta Maharaj.

So just being... Everything is already one so nothing to do or change, there is only the Self and I/you am/are That! Actually no more than a complicated way of saying: 'There is only existence'!

Nothing to see here, that was my final realisation after a few moments of totally honest and intense looking after which there was seen that truly there is no separate self/I/me there in actual daily experience!

So nothing to see here... No thing to look at or abide in or as and nothing to find that is now lost and last but not least nothing to get rid of! Just life flowing, NOTHING excluded!

Which does not however mean that its all good, that we can selfishly let all needless suffering be without trying to do something about it! All the people behind the blogs on the right who had the same realisation are trying to do their part by spreading this instead of sitting on a mountain blissed out being oh so special, or making up all kinds of difficult programs and concepts making big bucks!

All normal (and less normal) people like you see passing by in the streets every day have realised this, even the lazy not exceptionally smart non-philosophers like me. Meaning no matter how undeserving or stupid you think you are this can be seen by everyone having an honest desire for it to keep on looking for the truth untill it is clear and doubts about it are seen as only thought!

So how to get to seeing this? Well looking and looking to see if there is an actual self in experience or if it are only thoughts of an assumed self?

To end I would like to quote Ilona from the blog Marked eternal which is a very very great place to start and end this search for good! So do not hesitate a second and click that link, actually do what is described there exactly and seriously, if you want to take this beyond some other nice concept in the mind that is!

So here comes that quote, really look into it and let its meaning sink in!

'I think therefore I am, I is a thought, I does not think, I isn't, Thinking is. Liberation happens.'

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dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Your true nature is nature!

If there is the feeling of wanting to see the truth of no you, look at nature! Everything is just happening and flowing, nothing controling it, how are you any different? In what way are you separated from nature?

So really, tell me what you think! In the comments, e-mail m_vandijk3@hotmail.com or chat!

Recently my mother reminded me that here in the Netherlands we have a project giving nature back to nature, I had to laugh quite hard seeing the nonsense of it, any place on earth is eventually just nature! Hope you can laugh with me soon seeing there is only nature flowing, no you involved.

Ps. nontheless a good project of course.

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donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Okay, NOW cut the crap! There is only existence = There is no self! SEE

So 'Okay, NOW cut the crap! There is only existence = There is no self! SEE' my signature on the Ruthless Arena might need some explaining, if not it makes a nice opening and title for a blog post.

So how did it get there? Don't remember exactly I'm affraid, but remember being inspired by several reactions from some liberated [for lack of a better word] members. Anyway where did the actual words come from? Where does inspiration come from? Well it just pops up like any other thought. It does not pop up from anywhere or to anyone it is only thought!

Just recognised it as being what is seen when the truth of no self 'clicks'. So let's cut it into bits and take a closer look: 'Okay, NOW cut the crap!' Well reading and participating for a while on this Arena of liberation you will have been exposed to a lot of crap from people trying to see the truth of no I, no me, no you. This happens through being fed the lie for so long through conditioning.

'There is only existence' Well there you have it the core of non-duality so much stuff has been woven around by so many well meaning or less well meaning teachers! This was what was the first realisation already before taking Ruthless truth seriously.

'= There is no self! Meaning that the realisation that there is only existence, nothing separate, equals or better also has to mean that there can be no self either! Why? If there is only undifferentiated existence, no separation, it is impossible to also have anything separate let alone a self! Although lots and lots of people want and also believe this to be different.

Which leads to the seeing bit. Really seeing this to be the reality really hit the ball home so to speak. Which in my case happened when reading The Thunder and the Sunshine and also

Did it's thing in seeing it clear as night and day! It just as well might for you as well, give it a go!

Seeing is already always happening no matter what you do, realising a self is actually never seen at all requires the effort and guts to actually HONESTLY investigate experience to see if it is really true! EVERYONE can, REALLY! Even when there already is no one there to do this there still needs to be effort and a true desire for TRUE SEEING to occur!

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maandag 8 augustus 2011


Some call it God, others Self, some Consciousness, one calls it Awareness, someone else prefers Oneness, there are those who like to name it Budha nature, also Christ Consciousness, people call it Shiva, others like the term Sat-Guru, let's not forget Allah before he gets mad and well of course Jahweh sounds good.

All of the above and those not mentioned are only labels, nothing more! Now that statement will be labelled blasphemy by millions of people. Let's look a little deeper into this.

All of this naming is not happening just like that, there is our existence and there is consciousness of this, there must be something behind this in control of all of it, let's give it a name. Us being human we feel the need to be unique and feel we belong to a group.

There is a mind, and it labels litterally everything even itself and the body as a separate self and something before it which cannot really be known by it.

And so seeming division and separateness came round the corner and wars have been fought ever since, about these labels [and greed of course which isn't all to different].
Isn't that very strange if you really look at it? Cause do we really know that there is something behind in control? And that if it were so we would just be fighting and defending names for the same thing?

But is it really true that there is something there behind which is in control and being aware or doing the looking? Most people just assume this must be so cause they were either raised like that, were told this or just think this is logical. But is reality by definition logical?

Now read this:

a modernization of a quote from 'whoso knoweth himself" by ibn el'arabi:

you are not a you.
this is life, without any you.

you never were,
and you never will be.

there is only life
without separation.


The Prophet (upon whom be peace) points out by that, that thou art not thou: thou art He, without thou;

 it is meant by it that thou never wast nor wilt be, whether by thyself or through Him or in Him or along with Him.

Thou art neither ceasing to be nor still existing. Thou art He, without one of these limitations.

For the whole text click I recommend it!  Whoso knoweth himself?

Now to me that sounds a lot more like reality! What would the implication be if it were true? Let's see: no division or separation, nothing to defend or fight wars about and no self to uphold or maintain and to make perfect. So is there a self in the reality of experience right now? check this right NOW!

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