zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

Just being... nothing to see here

Just being... that was the first realisation there was felt to ring true for me after years of searching, pondering and judging if my behavior was enlightened enough. Mainly through teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Papaji, Nome and Nisagardatta Maharaj.

So just being... Everything is already one so nothing to do or change, there is only the Self and I/you am/are That! Actually no more than a complicated way of saying: 'There is only existence'!

Nothing to see here, that was my final realisation after a few moments of totally honest and intense looking after which there was seen that truly there is no separate self/I/me there in actual daily experience!

So nothing to see here... No thing to look at or abide in or as and nothing to find that is now lost and last but not least nothing to get rid of! Just life flowing, NOTHING excluded!

Which does not however mean that its all good, that we can selfishly let all needless suffering be without trying to do something about it! All the people behind the blogs on the right who had the same realisation are trying to do their part by spreading this instead of sitting on a mountain blissed out being oh so special, or making up all kinds of difficult programs and concepts making big bucks!

All normal (and less normal) people like you see passing by in the streets every day have realised this, even the lazy not exceptionally smart non-philosophers like me. Meaning no matter how undeserving or stupid you think you are this can be seen by everyone having an honest desire for it to keep on looking for the truth untill it is clear and doubts about it are seen as only thought!

So how to get to seeing this? Well looking and looking to see if there is an actual self in experience or if it are only thoughts of an assumed self?

To end I would like to quote Ilona from the blog Marked eternal which is a very very great place to start and end this search for good! So do not hesitate a second and click that link, actually do what is described there exactly and seriously, if you want to take this beyond some other nice concept in the mind that is!

So here comes that quote, really look into it and let its meaning sink in!

'I think therefore I am, I is a thought, I does not think, I isn't, Thinking is. Liberation happens.'

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surjit singh zei

An inspiring post.Thanks for sharing.
God bless.

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