vrijdag 30 september 2011

Nothing is ever really yours

Nothing is ever really yours, not even the body(and its pains) and the mind(and its thought loops), just life, nothing more. This blog is not really mine, course it seems to be, typed by this body/mind in this room on this computer.

I mean look, are you doing that reading or are it just the eyes going over the letters and the brain interpreting it? No separate controlling entity Stephen Wingate says, there is the thought here ''and he is right'' is he? Did I control that thought coming right at this particular moment? Just after I decided to turn this latest thing the mind came up with around this topic into a blogpost, just a coincidence.

Still need to think about where I want to go with this as now words are popping up in the mind and being typed by the hand without any control, as with all the words typed on this blog and anyone elses and anything ever typed, conscious of this or not.

From very little on you are constantly taught that you are a separate individual, responsible for your actions and reactions, are we? Well how many times in life have you said or done something where immediately after or later you think ''Did I say that (out loud)?'' or ''Did I do that?''. That talking and that action happen totally involuntarily and without intention right? Then could it not be so always?

That after everything thought, said, done, sensed, felt or experienced, thought comes in and labels it as my thought, my words, my action, my sensation, my fear/sadness/happiness or my experience?

Is all the stuff around you yours or just stuff? You might have bought it or created it still it is just matterial, protons, neutrons, strings, quarks all that jazz. Just like the body is built up out of stuff, mostly elements. Are you the elements? Are you the separate body parts? The limbs? Torso? Head? Intestins? Lungs? Heart? How are you then all of this together?

Maybe this little exercise will help see what I mean:

''Step 1
Take a look in front of you right now. Choose an object in the field of view and describe it in your mind. Note color, size, shape, texture. Try to describe everything about what you see.

Write out the description for me here, please.

Part 2
While still looking at that object, think about the last movie you really enjoyed watching. See a scene in your mind, and describe it. Don't tell me the title yet ;) But keep looking at the object.
Write out a very brief description here.

Part 3
Try describing the object and the movie at the same time, and watch the thoughts. Do they happen simultaneously, or one at a time? Are you able to think about both at once or is there a sequence?
Try to think two thoughts at the same time.

Write out a very brief description of what happened when you did this exercise.

Take the time, really do this as thoroughly as possible, or don't do it at all. Go for it ;)

Do the exercise with the body. Look at the hands without the thought, "my hands". For a second or two, let the "my" thoughts fall away. Then, look at the legs without the thought, "my legs". Just gaze at them. See how they exist even without the "me" or "my" thoughts, and how nothing about reality changes one bit without those thoughts.

Bring yourself back to thoughts of "my hands", then repeat the exercise a few times. Look at them without thought, then bring the thought back in.

What happens to the body without the thoughts? Can you say what the object even is? Does it "belong" to anything? Does it continue to exist in physical reality?''

If you want to, send me your answer and we can look into this.

One more thing to say: It has been said by Ramana Maharshi and others that the observer, observing and the observed are one. And although I neither agree nor disagree I would like to ask you if there really is an observer? And if so how you are it? And if so how you are doing it? Do you snap your fingers and stop observing/noticing?

There is only the Self/That/Life/Awareness/Consciousness are ways of putting it, but why add ''and you are that''? Isn't that redundant and just another way of holding on to having an identity? Nothing ever really yours...

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woensdag 21 september 2011


Just life.......................................................................................................................

Could end this blogpost right here and it would say what is intended. Look at that statement ''just life...'' is anything excluded from it? Think real hard...

Can you think of anything? Let me know if you do!

Life, nothing separated from it, do you agree?

Just like nature, the universe or existence, what is there separate from that, you?

So no self or anatta as the Buddhas say(look it up for a better understanding of what this blog is about) coupled to impermance[everything that is impermant is non-self] and suffering[because of impermanence there is suffering]. ''No self'' and ''only life'' are two sides of the same coin, a double edged sword so to speak.

Both need to be seen as the actual truth in real life before any difference is noticed. Most people interested in non-duality stop at the first insight, identify with a non-dual consciousness or higher self and discuss about it all day rather than checking what the implications are.

An important distinction to be made in what is meant by no self is that it does not mean I am no self and not even I have no self and you do no it means no I there to have a self or not. No self anywhere at all in all eternity! Nothing to remove, hold on to or (dis)identify with...

Then an invitation if you want to see if what this blog points out really is true and want an appearing other to help you see this go to the brand new Liberation Unleashed site this blog is now part of and specially the Lliberation Nation Forum register open up a topic and start asking questions and someone already seeing this will respond and start pointing, although there is no separation.

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