woensdag 27 april 2016

One without a second and how to meditate on it

One without a second and how to meditate on it... One of the great sayings of the upanishads, you are That [one]... All very nice in words but how to have the direct experience of this?

We all want everlasting happiness without break or end, for this we first need to find who am I? and what is truly lasting and therefore truly real. That everything one notices through the senses is objective to oneself. What is the I prior to everything? To really want to know this more than anything else is number one which cannot be done, but when your truly fed up with the drama of life and realise there is no lasting happiness in it is the time to start this.

All sense experience is only electrical signals interpreted by the brain, all thoughts are only about this and are observed like the body is known. It is all in the mind like the dream is, all fleeting and unreal like a mirage, real as real can be for the dream character but after waking up where did it go? So meditate on where the mind or brain comes from, who notices it coming and going? In deep sleep where does it go? All senses, body and thoughts or in other words everything one thinks of as I go away but do you stop existing in deep sleep? No, so who am I? Everything, the whole world is in the mind but who knows mind?

''Meditating'' on this one without a second is a bit like falling asleep, all sense imput and thoughts are ignored until everything disappears. Turning the mind inwards instead of outwards to its source by not giving senses or thoughts or anything else outside of the mind any attention. If there are too many thoughts inquire to who do they come? Thoughts need to stop for some time to see this but not done by you which is also in thought so ingrained that it even feels like a real I but look is this not known?

Just stay in no-thought and not-knowing with no effort, when thoughts come let them tell their story smile and be silent and realise everything is mind and focus it on its source... If you don't succeed keep it up everytime you remember it cause mind will come up with anything to not turn inwards.

Ekam Eva Adhvitheyam 

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