donderdag 17 mei 2012

Nothing left

The point one gets to after thoroughly applying ''Neti neti, not this not this'' to everything perceived is mostly concluded with the thought ''So I am That'' or ''So I am That which perceives all''. And this being a spiritual perspective there comes up the thought or idea ''to become truly enlightened or liberated I have to meditate on [that which is left] to become That or merge with That.

Well now exactly this is what happened here, after ''I'' saw there is no self at all, in real life, non whatsoever, there was seen that body and thoughts were occuring totally by itself, without any seperate I doing it, that this I there was a strong belief in was nothing but a fiction without an author, only the thought ''I am so and so and thus I am doing this and that''.

After having seen this clearly in direct experience there stayed the urge to find out more and more about enlightenment from so called enlightened masters or sages. And some that were found surely are/were very much resonated with and helpful along the way, but it needed to be seen and understood here, directly without any aid.

And so now here it is, the final understanding, beyond these words which are only pointing out what cannot be described but only seen directly.

''There is no seperation between subject and object or, you are beyond or before subject or, where is subject when no object [physical or subtle] appear?'' Sounds great huh? Well that's not the point! The truth, the real and whole truth, that matters.

Well it is just this: Bare experience, seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling, thinking, no self doing any of these. So yeah there is pain and suffering, pleasure and enjoyment but again no self having them. Perceiving and perceived, no perceiver. Object no subject nor anything to meditate on or become or merge with or sink into beyond them. Do not take this on just as just another fancy concept to take along in your goodiebag!

Really try it on for size, test drive it, there is seeing, am I doing that or is it just happening? There is hearing, am I really doing that, or is it just happening? And so on for the other senses, where is the self in them? Thoughts are also there almost all the time, but look, are you really in control of them? After a clever thought there is a proud thought claiming them and after an unwanted one the thought ''I shouldn't have thought that''. Did you control when senses and thinking exactly started this morning? The exact moment it is gone? Look into this, really test the shit out of this, let me know what is seen.

Now this may sound nihilistic and all, but its not, it just means that meditating on or staring into an eternal changeless void is not possible, neither is it helpful and moreover it is denying a part of reality. There are no parts to reality but it is believed to be so very widespread, leading to people meditating for years and years cutting themselves of from life [even after ''liberation''] and let them of the hook to do anything about unnecessary suffering. Fighting, killing, wars, hunger, greedyness and so on.

Another thing is the concept of the snake in the rope, that phenomenal existence is superimposed on the eternal. Or that existence is like a mirage, illusion or dream. And although these are only concepts pointing out the nonduality of reality this is easily taken as ''oh so now there is nothing to do, everything is futile''. Just saying that although in reality there is no one there to liberate and be liberated as long as this is not seen by every human being there is unnecesarry suffering.

A few more things to be clear about: There is no Source and what came from it, no cause and its effect, no subject nor object, just the whole of reality without anything separate, let alone a self anywhere... Alhough as buddha said it is neither this nor that, neither self nor non-self, neither bondage nor liberation neither permanent nor impermant, is totally beyond opposites, there are no set positions, it is beyond any concepts whatsoever.  Still he travelled through India by foot spreading the news to all who would listen.

Now a quote from the buddha which sums it all up very short practicle and simple:

''In the seen there is only the seen,
in the heard, there is only the heard,
in the sensed there is only the sensed,
in the cognized there is only the cognized:
This, bahiya, is how you should train yourself.

When, Bahiya, there is for you
in the seen only the seen,
in the heard, only the heard,
in the sensed only the sensed,
in the cognized only the cognized,
then, Bahiya, there is no 'you'
in connection with that.

When, Bahiya, there is no 'you'
in connection with that,
there is no 'you' there.

When, Bahiya, there is no 'you' there,
then, Bahiya, you are neither here
nor there
nor anywher in between the two.

This, and only this, is the end of suffering.'' You probably heard this one before, but now look, was he right or not?

Nothing more left to say than, read this: and see how it fits.

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vrijdag 11 mei 2012

Subject - object - subject

In trying to become liberated there is assumed that there is a seperate self needing to achieve all kinds of things to become, well you name it. What needs to be recognised is you already are that which is sought, that which is seeking and that which is striving to reach this.

Probably most of you have already heard this more than once but please don't just overlook this statement without really looking deeply into this exact experience of right now. If it is true it can be seen right here right now, all that is needed is an honest look at now. What is happening right now?

This was mentioned before, there is looking at the screen, reading and interpreting what is read, hearing of sound in your environment, the feeling of the chair and the clothes your probably wearing, there is the way your feeling today, there is breathing, all the other body functions going on, there are thoughts coming and going, body movements, the things happening in the world, the universe functioning like it does and so on, now where is it that makes up you?

Did you find anything?              

If so is it there all the time?

Every second of life?

Or does it come and go?

Commonly there is the core belief that one is the body, but are you in control of the body functions?

Is it really always there? Also in deep sleep?

Of course there is the assumption the body is still there, but how do you know for sure?

This are just words and concepts, look beyond them!

Look to find what is there during waking, dreaming and deep sleep...

Another way to look at it is this: There is the perceived, let's call it the object, this then means there has to be a perceiver right'? This would then be the subject. Now one could say all objects come and go, they are impermanent, so when object or the perceived is gone where does that leave the perceiver or subject?

What is left?

Franklin Merrell-Wolff called it Consciousness-without-an-object. But the only thing that matters is that it can be recognised right now, nothing needs to be done to remove any obstacle, it is already the case, it only needs to be seen once. Although it cannot be cognised by any of the senses nor grasped by thought.

What is left is the only thing that is eternally there, does not come and go, is undifferentiated,  is never created or destroyed, never born nor can it ever die. Subject-object-subject, subject=object=subject, perceiver=perceived=perceiver, there is in absolute sense no duality between subject and object at all.

Can this be seen?

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