vrijdag 11 mei 2012

Subject - object - subject

In trying to become liberated there is assumed that there is a seperate self needing to achieve all kinds of things to become, well you name it. What needs to be recognised is you already are that which is sought, that which is seeking and that which is striving to reach this.

Probably most of you have already heard this more than once but please don't just overlook this statement without really looking deeply into this exact experience of right now. If it is true it can be seen right here right now, all that is needed is an honest look at now. What is happening right now?

This was mentioned before, there is looking at the screen, reading and interpreting what is read, hearing of sound in your environment, the feeling of the chair and the clothes your probably wearing, there is the way your feeling today, there is breathing, all the other body functions going on, there are thoughts coming and going, body movements, the things happening in the world, the universe functioning like it does and so on, now where is it that makes up you?

Did you find anything?              

If so is it there all the time?

Every second of life?

Or does it come and go?

Commonly there is the core belief that one is the body, but are you in control of the body functions?

Is it really always there? Also in deep sleep?

Of course there is the assumption the body is still there, but how do you know for sure?

This are just words and concepts, look beyond them!

Look to find what is there during waking, dreaming and deep sleep...

Another way to look at it is this: There is the perceived, let's call it the object, this then means there has to be a perceiver right'? This would then be the subject. Now one could say all objects come and go, they are impermanent, so when object or the perceived is gone where does that leave the perceiver or subject?

What is left?

Franklin Merrell-Wolff called it Consciousness-without-an-object. But the only thing that matters is that it can be recognised right now, nothing needs to be done to remove any obstacle, it is already the case, it only needs to be seen once. Although it cannot be cognised by any of the senses nor grasped by thought.

What is left is the only thing that is eternally there, does not come and go, is undifferentiated,  is never created or destroyed, never born nor can it ever die. Subject-object-subject, subject=object=subject, perceiver=perceived=perceiver, there is in absolute sense no duality between subject and object at all.

Can this be seen?

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