maandag 17 juni 2013

Impermanent means empty and non-self?

Everything is empty of permanence, seeing this is the only so called end destination of the spiritual path or investigation into reality. Both the emptyness and impermanence of phenomena or everyday life needs to be focussed on in the direct experience of right now to be able to see this clearly.

So wherever this is read, whatever is going on around you right now, focus on the senses one by one, are you involved in the process of seeing and hearing or was seeing and hearing already going on if the focus was there or not?

Can you control exactly what is seen or heard? Besides the movement or closing of eyes and ears of course, although is this really controlled by you, can you point out the decider?
Notice if when ears or eyes are closed hearing or seeing continues or not.

Now focus on touch, the but touching where you sit or the feet touching where you stand, the feeling of cold or heat or breeze on the skin, can you decide what is exactly felt? Are you involved in the process of feeling? Smelling? Tasting?

Emotions, do you have any control when anger, irritation, sadness or laughter comes up and disappears again? If your honest the answer would be no, something happens or something is said that triggers it followed by a thought labeling it your emotion and as good or bad. But are these thoughts true? Are it your emotions or just emotions? Are you involved in the process of emotions at all?

Then thinking, are you in control of this or can it be seen that this are only thoughts floating by as involuntarily as clouds in a clear sky? Look, where is the last thought that appeared? Thoughts are real but its content is like dreams, seems totally real but did it ever really take place? Is the thought I really justified or just a label? Like the mind is conditioned to do from birth. Can you tell me the next exact thought that is going to appear? When thoughts are there or have just disappeared can you pinpoint where they are other than a vague ''somewhere in the head or brain''?

When your having negative or depressive thoughts is this your choice? Can you choose not to have them? If the answer is no then consider if you are the thinker, wouldn't you have possitive, happy or briljant thoughts all the time if you were? Again are you really involved in the process of thinking?

Now is all of the above ever really permanent or stable? Is it happening every second 24/7? Really?
Isn't it so that every night when falling asleep thought slows down and eventually stops? That senses all stop till there is no consciousness of anything at all?

Then the mostly used non-dual approach would be to state ''what is left is what you are'', must have heard and read that sentence hundreds of times, but actually this is only clinging to having an identity, an identity beyond and outside and transcending existence, mostly called Self or Consciousness or Awareness. Sounds nice, and maybe even helpful as a beginning stage but despite very few this either leads to some sort of super ego and/or nihilism, ''I am the watcher'' so only watching and survival are left.

Is there really a consciousness apart from eye-consciousness, ear-consciousness, skin-consciousness, tongue-consciousness and nose-consciousness? Or is it just a label for the assumption of something there combining the processes of the senses? Like weather being the term for all the different environmental conditions and processes?

Aren't senses also impermanent and empty and non-self? In other words investigate, is there a you anywhere at all? Anything to cling to or to manipulate into peace or non-suffering if mind and body are just terms for different processes and conditions?

Anyway if there cannot be found any permanent solid identity and nothing is permanent, do you exist at all? Isn't everything empty and impermanent and non-self as it is and always already was? Coming in existence and disappearing every instance, what is left to manipulate or achieve? Life goes on without the need to look for an identity anywhere. Nothing to improve, nothing to crave or avoid, nothing existing permanently not even beyond or prior to existence, all just as empty. Nothing there to get out of duality into non-duality and keep there...

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