woensdag 22 augustus 2012

No dividing line

So here I am with no dividing line between anything, meaning not a hair of difference between you, me. body, senses, the world, god, consciousness, anything at all...

No matter how strange that sounds, a while ago I heard about a concept somewhat like: ''The thing that is doing the looking, hearing, sensing is the thing itself'' Meaning body with senses all consisting out of matter are looking at/listening to/sensing matter as well. Where really is the differentiation between you and everything else?

After seeing there was is and never will be any self at all anywhere at all something still felt incomplete, no lasting unconditional happiness or feeling of being fully complete, seeing others as myself, yes did understand this had to be so but not experientially, so searching or better exploration went on.

Now it seems to be seen that no differentiation or no dividing line means everyone and everything at all, the guru, neighbour, the caretaker and the dictator, you, me, family, friends, civilisation, world, universe, source anything you can think of even thoughts, anything, nothing falls outside anything or gets inside everything.

Anyone can see this, just look, where would you draw the line? Where is the differentiation between you and the rest of totality? How is there room for individuality apart from the unique body and character?

Why still try to become really enlightened, become anything other than you are already? Really nothing needs to be changed at all only seen how things are right now, is it true? Is there really something or somebody separate there which can become anything other than it already is? There is only one which never came nor went, which was and is always there during all the changes and experiences of life totally unaffected by the experiences and changes of life. Although it cannot really be found by an individual in form because it is beyond form and a so called individual and his mind, it is no-thing and everything, no differentiation between no-thing and everything just one totality, nowhere to get to, nothing to get, to gain or understand!

No one there to understand get gain or lose anything at all... So what is pointed out is that you cannot become it or grab it and own it you are it already, not you the individual which is only there in thought, it is everything there ever was and ever will be. You cannot become it only be it just as you are now, no doing involved to get there, only seeing how things are. So look is there a seeker anywhere at all and what is it looking for?

Seen this video?

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vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

The raft

You cannot know what you already are, if you could it would be object [subtle or form] and who would know it? There litteraly is no ''who you truly are'' nor any subject-object duality. There is identification with the body, the senses and thought because that is all you know, doesn't this automatically mean your not what is known?

What is left? Only a knower, this knower is totally beyond individuality, self or no self even beyond knower and known (no matter how contradicting that sounds). It is beyond emptyness and form, these words as all the words that point are only to be used as a raft, the raft (words) and the sailor (identification) never make it to the other shore. There will always be thoughts that something is not right, but what is true beyond thoughts?

The most important to find the changeless is to look at the body, it always changes, in fact there is not a cell the same since birth yet something has to have remained the same all this time. But this is not a thing, it is not even nothing cause first there needs to be something to have nothing and beyond this is what is pointed out and this is everything without any place for you and other, totally contradicting in words but look beyond the words do not hang on to the raft for dear life, let go...

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dinsdag 14 augustus 2012


There is no self at all in any way shape or form. If I ask you to have an honest look if this statement is true or not, if your going to take this serious instead of assuming you already know, very probably your going to try and analyse this with the mind to get to know the answer like your used to doing with questions, but if you really want to see what is true beyond a shadow of a doubt the mind is an insufficient tool.

Once seen what is true this can be seen again and again totally effortlessly, for the first time there needs to be a total dedication and a relentless intent to see what is true, wanting nothing more than this.

Although it is not so that something needs to be changed, added or substracted to see what is true now. What needs to happen to actually be seeing this in the immediacy of everyday life is looking at sense experience and thoughts about sense experience, are you truly in control of any of this?

Is there such a thing as a mind behind thoughts? Are you this mind? Where do these thoughts come from? Or are they just the coming and going of thoughts without control, without a thinker? Although thoughts might seem to trouble you they do not need to go anywhere, they are needed to function and for the body to survive, still you need to look beyond the mind.

Looking needs to happen, in fact it is already happening, are you doing this looking? Hearing happens, sensing happens, all body functions happen, thinking happens, life happens, everything happens, look, is anything behind in control of it or does it always happen whether you like it or not?

Why would you want to see this? What is gained? Well nothing is gained nor lost, surely you started searching for one reason and one reason only, to become happy, unconditionally happy, right? So how to make this come about?

It might sound very strange but you can't make this come about by improving yourself nor the world around you for the simple fact there is no you and life, there is only life happening as it is without the inherent control you seem to be having.

The searching for happiness for a seeming separate self in the stream of life is the struggle itself. As long as your trying to micromanage life into being exactly as you want it to be the struggle continues. It is almost impossible to get this perfect life and if you do it will only last for a while.

Is there really someone called the way you are called living its life separate from life which can be improved? No really how do you know so sure? Suddenly there pops up consciousness of existence existing through the senses and later thought kicks in that this particular body is what you are, all of this happens totally involuntarily.

What I'm getting at here is the question: Isn't this me or I your trying to improve, your trying to get recognition for trough career, sports, getting a perfect partner or liberation or enlightenment or being spiritual and so on just an idea? I invite you to have a thorough look to investigate in ordinary everyday life, you might be in for a mind blowing surprise, or a disapointment if you were looking for some incredible mystical Enlightenment which should be making you oh so special and place you above the rest of mankind or even make you god ;-)

All this effort to improve is like polishing the lake untill its all shiny and clear like a mirror...

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vrijdag 3 augustus 2012

Papaji's meditation

AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM Let there be peace and love among all beings of the universe, let there be peace, let there be peace, Om, shanti, shanti, shanti.

Introduce yourself directly to this moment, do not attach yourself, to action, thought, object, no relationships, (don't) be attached, external, internal. Do not attach your mind, on any direction...
Neither inside nor outside, nor above nor below, nor anything of this universe nor later with the heavens. Not with any method any sadhana any practise whatsoever. Do not attach your mind. Even, the so much appreciated by the ancients, the cavety of the heart, the emptiness within yourself, don't be attached to it. Not even to space, not even, anything, that you do while awake, while dreaming or sleeping. It's not this moment, it's the past moment, introduce thus yourself to this moment, if you want to be free, forever, and that you are. You have introduced yourself only to the past, and having notions of the future, that don't exist. And now is the time to have direct, introduction to this moment, and this moment is this moment always, its not going to change, and this moment is freedom... And you have not to activate your mind or start a single thought, in this moment nothing ever existed. This moment is free, of time, of mind, of notions, any concepts. And this is your ultimate, fundamental birthright, here and now....
So keep quiet, introduce yourself directly, without the help of any possible help that you had hitherto been depending upon, mind, body, senses, objects, these things your simply wearing you'see, simply wearing as the dress, and its not you, its your dress, don't dwell anywhere you'see, and this is called freedom, therefore I say you are already free and there is a lot of trouble about this, in the world, this concept of practise itself is another, notion, another notion, another bondage, so this is something, which you have not to practise, not to do, and not to undo also you'see, simply keep quiet, wherever you are...

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