vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

The raft

You cannot know what you already are, if you could it would be object [subtle or form] and who would know it? There litteraly is no ''who you truly are'' nor any subject-object duality. There is identification with the body, the senses and thought because that is all you know, doesn't this automatically mean your not what is known?

What is left? Only a knower, this knower is totally beyond individuality, self or no self even beyond knower and known (no matter how contradicting that sounds). It is beyond emptyness and form, these words as all the words that point are only to be used as a raft, the raft (words) and the sailor (identification) never make it to the other shore. There will always be thoughts that something is not right, but what is true beyond thoughts?

The most important to find the changeless is to look at the body, it always changes, in fact there is not a cell the same since birth yet something has to have remained the same all this time. But this is not a thing, it is not even nothing cause first there needs to be something to have nothing and beyond this is what is pointed out and this is everything without any place for you and other, totally contradicting in words but look beyond the words do not hang on to the raft for dear life, let go...

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