zondag 28 april 2013

Just this

Just sitting, just looking, just hearing, just sensations, just thoughts in different shapes (judgemental, possitive, negative, funny, anything) passing, just eating, just relaxation, just reading, just typing... All impermanent, always changing, but are you making it change?
Do you really decide or decision happens according to earlier conditioning and certain thoughts representing a choice? Do you control the thoughts? Can you stop them? Stop looking, hearing, sensing, breathing, digestion, heartbeat, can you? Is there such a thing as a permanent self separate from life happening? Are you ever happening separate from life happening?
So is there separation at all? Isn't there ever only wholeness? Can the label I which is just another thought limit wholeness? Is a self locatable? You are the consciousness behind every experience, sounds great and even feels great, for a while, but it can soon become an identification, it's like putting a glass house around everything and standing outside looking in, but is this really the experience?
Do you ever experience consciousness separate from all there is consciousness of? The observer without the observed? Consciousness, That, Self is everything is often said, but is this locatable? Does one ever get there? No matter how much you inquire or meditate? Or is there already just this?
Why all these question marks? Well because if it was only told it would only become another belief, and looking/investigating/observing in normal everyday direct experience if what is said here or there holds true right now without needing to add or substract anything won't take place at all...

Finally want to advise to read and contemplate on these first core teachings of the Buddha, specially those on non-self (annata), you don't just nod along, really look and see if you can see what is pointed out, no more is needed...: Earliest-Discourses of Buddha


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