zaterdag 31 oktober 2015

You have no quality, objective nor subjective

You have no quality, objective nor subjective. yet you are all quality springing from it and returning to it. Because you are without quality and all quality at the same time this cannot be experienced or gained like the wave cannot experience or gain the whole ocean it is already a part of and one with. So nothing you as the separate me idea the part of all impermanent quality does or doesn't do changes one bit, you cannot become the qualityless which is the only permanence through life. It cannot ever be reached cause the one trying to reach is itself impermanent. 

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Subject nor object

What you have truly always been cannot be objective nor even subjective, because the objects appear one can become aware of a subject but where does this go when the objects don't appear?

This what you are cannot ever be described not even by buddha or krishna or christ, it is about where the descriptions come from namely your own Self. So there can be no set teaching, no bible, no doctrine, no dogma, no prescription how to live, no judgement, no battles and no techniques to reach or realise Self, you are it at birth before birth at death and after death.

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maandag 19 oktober 2015

Sky castles and the curtain

Non-duality is like the whole universe being compressed to the size of a pea before the big bang with you as a little piece of it trying to become or stay one with the ever expanding pea or universe. Whatever you do or don't do nothing changes a thing about this underlaying wholeness or oneness of everything in the universe including this and that body..

Or like being the little red cube in the rubics cube trying to become one with the rubics cube thinking its a separate entity, no matter where it moves or turns it is and stays one and the same with the rubics cube.

Or like a folded swan forgetting it is only paper, when folded it seems to come into being when not folded it is not there at all only in potential but whether its folded or not it stays truly paper.

Or like a golden ornament of a king is ever only gold, no matter what he does he won't find goldness, he doesn't really exist only the gold does whether created or melted.

Like the fish going on a journey to find water and asking every fish if they can show him water.

Like nothing or emptiness folding out of itself as everything conceivable or just form and then folding in on itself leaving no trace. Which is like a castle in the sky, for a while it seems to be there and then *POOF* its gone as if it never existed, which of course is true. Like everything is totally real when it is there but when it once stops being nothing ever happened.

So as long as the play lasts and the stage is set play your alloted role the way you like to, do your duties without or even with complaining if you like ;-) Follow your dreams passionately or silently enjoy the spectacle unfolding knowing its non-selfness, temporariness, emptiness and unsatisfactoriness in the end...

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