donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Okay, NOW cut the crap! There is only existence = There is no self! SEE

So 'Okay, NOW cut the crap! There is only existence = There is no self! SEE' my signature on the Ruthless Arena might need some explaining, if not it makes a nice opening and title for a blog post.

So how did it get there? Don't remember exactly I'm affraid, but remember being inspired by several reactions from some liberated [for lack of a better word] members. Anyway where did the actual words come from? Where does inspiration come from? Well it just pops up like any other thought. It does not pop up from anywhere or to anyone it is only thought!

Just recognised it as being what is seen when the truth of no self 'clicks'. So let's cut it into bits and take a closer look: 'Okay, NOW cut the crap!' Well reading and participating for a while on this Arena of liberation you will have been exposed to a lot of crap from people trying to see the truth of no I, no me, no you. This happens through being fed the lie for so long through conditioning.

'There is only existence' Well there you have it the core of non-duality so much stuff has been woven around by so many well meaning or less well meaning teachers! This was what was the first realisation already before taking Ruthless truth seriously.

'= There is no self! Meaning that the realisation that there is only existence, nothing separate, equals or better also has to mean that there can be no self either! Why? If there is only undifferentiated existence, no separation, it is impossible to also have anything separate let alone a self! Although lots and lots of people want and also believe this to be different.

Which leads to the seeing bit. Really seeing this to be the reality really hit the ball home so to speak. Which in my case happened when reading The Thunder and the Sunshine and also

Did it's thing in seeing it clear as night and day! It just as well might for you as well, give it a go!

Seeing is already always happening no matter what you do, realising a self is actually never seen at all requires the effort and guts to actually HONESTLY investigate experience to see if it is really true! EVERYONE can, REALLY! Even when there already is no one there to do this there still needs to be effort and a true desire for TRUE SEEING to occur!

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