woensdag 15 december 2010

Just Be

You truly are not separate! How could you be? Your body is totally composed of elements, take away water and hardly anything is left... Meaning you are just one with the universe, all manifested from the same Source. Knowing this forget about these words and Be silent. Not by any practise, just watch the thoughts coming and going till they stop. Then you will experience Bliss or rather unconditional happiness. This is not the Self-Realisation the Guru's talk about cause it cannot be what comes and goes no you are all of the manifested and the unmanifested together. So what is left worth to Desire or strife for? Just Be (totally Silent) - letting the good the bad and the ugly and the all and everything come and go totally content, knowing what you are... Not trying to capture that in concepts or experiences. Full stop, drop the doubts!

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