zondag 16 januari 2011

Nothing left

Nothing left to say or think about That which is our True Origin and Self. Nothing me or anyone else can ever do or say to make you realize what you truly are. Eventually it is you who has to see That what you already are. And there is no set way to 'get' this. You have to investigate your experience from waking to dreaming to deep sleep. When waking first there is the knowledge I am without a single thought there yet also then you are, undeniably, what is seeing this? That is the Source of all.
All of this is just a concept, eventually you have to leave concepts alone and abide as your true center which is your own Self [and the Self of every other Being].

Well what was your state when you were just born? You were just being totally without thought totally unidentified with the body, world or anything else. Nothing really changed at the core despite all the conditioning and identification with the mind, emotions, experiences and the world. Only when you can see what you are beyond this you will realize what you already are. When realizing that utterly Everything comes and goes in That which cannot come and go. Look for That which cannot be seen, meaning witness everything coming and going Just Being That!

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