donderdag 14 juli 2011


Once I was watching a movie called Mr. Nodody about a man who, looking back over his life's experiences, finds out he doesn't exist at all, and never did.

After this realisation he mentions to his interviewer that he also does not exist and has no more moves to make, that he's stalemate (a situation in chess where a player has no more moves he can make without putting the king in danger, so the game is over).

This really struck a chord with me at the time, then still trying to become something like enlightened or self-realised, having tried and tried everything I heard from Ramana Maharshi and the like which eventually did not give me any lasting samadhi state or whatshemacallit.

I then saw that there really is no point in doing anything to become something other than you already are, cause as they say you already are That because all is That. A state of bliss remained...

But of course it did not last, as it never does and never will!

Why am I so sure of this? Well what is realised now is that what there was felt there at the end of that movie is that there really is no me other than a bunch of preferences and memories. There was bliss, but not for someone, only the realisation: "There is no I to have or gain anything at all, not even the bliss or the happiness that has been sought for".

So can it be seen? Stalemate! No more moves left to make to gain "enlightenment" cause there is nobody there to own it!

Yes that is very much possible for litterally everyone.

How? No doing here [who would be doing the doing if there is nobody there to do it?], just see if there is anyone there in all experiences of the day doing them or if there is just experience there?

"Of course there is! I am making the decisions you moron!" You might be thinking now, but was this assumption ever thoroughly tested?

Where is it? Is it in the mind? No, it is not constantly there [dreamless sleep, unconsciousness, during orgasm] so cannot really be you. Is it in the body? No, there is no control of any body function, that just happens.

But I am deciding what I like and what I do, right? Well if you do should it not be the case in everything that you take action on? But is this really always the case? Does this you always decide what there is done?

Also in an emergency, when a split second decides between life and death? Are you doing the action to save your or somebody elses life? Or is it just happening? No thought, no mind or I there huh?

Well you decide, see it or don't!

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