vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Permanent Bliss? A path towards Self-Realisation? Being a seeker? really?

People go to a guru hoping to receive something from him, specially bliss is a big deal, you know the being-consciousness-bliss they speak about so often. Never in years of searching and self-enquiry have I found a lasting bliss CAUSE IT CANNOT BE MADE PERMANENT!!!

So now that I have your attention, Mr or Ms non-dual, know why this is not possible? Cause it would deny all the other feelings, specially the negative ones, how the hell can that be called non-dual? Possitive feelings included, negative ones not included in non-duality, isn't that a little strange?

Non-duality means just one undifferentiated existence everything included else this would imply duality. Well, at this moment you the reader thinks about himself as a seperate being right?

See how strange this actually is? Taking everything to be non-dual except oneself? Now what is going on here? This is caused by the fact that we don't know better than to look at ourselves as seperate from all the rest.

Everyone thinking like this wants to be happy as much as possible, well this spiritual path seems very appealing to accomplish this (certainly when life does not work out, career, health and/or relationship wise). So you start seeking for the most enlightened guru at who's feet you hope to receive enlightenment through his grace (which will not happen unless there is seen beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no self). Then the identity of a seeker becomes engrained pretty soon... Eventually nothing lasting is found cause well THERE IS NO DARN SPIRITUAL PATH OR SEEKER, THEY ARE ILLUSORY!!!

So where I'm going to with this is that yes there is indeed a so called non-dual existence... How the bleeb do we get to leaving ourselves out of this?! Well this starts in the cradle when our name and mommy and daddy start to become conditioned and crying is seen to result in attention and thus can influence the evironment. And so we grow up with the notion "I am separated from mommy, daddy and my environment" while all this time there is only existence taking place totally without any separation, meaning there can be no self in non-dual existence at all! True?

So that was just ANOTHER concept, very nice, put it in the backpack and on with the spiritual path to liberation right? Well if you now really still want to keep on trying and struggling with all you can to make the bliss permanent and enquire and meditate untill Ms Grace finds time to accidently fly by and the Self flows into the heart and samadhi suddenly out of the blue becomes permanent, be my guest!

Not Going To H A P P E N!

Good you are still reading, there is still hope for you... OF COURSE THERE IS NO HOPE FOR YOU, THERE IS NO YOU!!!


So how to clearly see that there is no you, there never was and there never will be? Well for some the earlier was enough, others are still on the edge and in doubt what will happen if they take the leap and let this prrrrrrrrecious self go. The good thing is, the reality that there is no you is always already the case, meaning there is no you to let go of and no you to do the letting go or take the leap! You either see it or you don't.

It is only the LOOKING into your daily experience if it is true or not and then only the SEEING. So please don't go looking for something, it cannot be witnessed, it just isn't anywhere to be found that's the whole point!


Doubts? DOUBTS? DOUBTS?! Are you having doubts or are there just doubts?

Thoughts making seeing difficult? Are you having these thoughts? Or is thought just happening?

Is there fear stopping you from really looking? NO! There is only fear, no you to actually have them! So there is fear, look it straight into its ugly face! Why is it there? Is it protecting something? What is there behind fear?

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