dinsdag 19 juli 2016

The Self hides Itself from Itself

The Self hides Itself from Itself by projecting all of this illusion [and then identifying with a separate part of it], this big theatre show of duality, like a house of fun that can turn into a haunted house or a fantastic dream that turns out to be a great nightmare.

This can be directly experienced by ignoring the show or dream including ourself without falling asleep [which actually means falling back into yourSelf]. We need to know what is I or Self or actually what its not... We think we are this body mind organism but are we?
Is this person always there? Does the body or mind always stay the same? Who am I that can ignore the world and its false identity and fall away in sleep?

Sitting straight with eyes closed sort of like falling asleep but the instant you feel your dosing of open the eyes and again leave everything to be exactly like it is; the outside world and its noises and attractions, the inside world and its distracting thoughts. When noticing you are getting totally distracted by thoughts then and there look if you can still find those thoughts, did you actually look? Great, could you find any still? Then wonder ''thoughts are gone but I the one that noticed them is still here, then who am I? Look for the one that notices thoughts, dont think about this, look... When the eyes close and right before falling asleep do it all again.

This I or Self that notices is like a fire which is there but cannot be seen by the smoke or the salt in a glass of water that cannot be seen after a while but is surely there or like the stars during the daytime. But the Self cannot be known objectively at all, not trough any action or practise done by the person cause if it could it should be traceable itself. The perfume of bliss or uncaused happiness is your compas. But be careful, the bliss cannot last, only you who knows of it and itself never comes or goes, the unknown knower of all really lasts. The one that already was before this grand universal illusion started...

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