zondag 6 december 2015

The dream of your mind

When it is seen that all this here is a dream of your mind, that that sitting, standing, walking or laying there is truly not you but that it is the dream character, that it can have nice dreams or bad dreams or funny dreams or adventurous dreams or wet dreams ;-) or the waking dream your currently having.

But in the end what truly is you is that in which the very mind itself rises and sets... Find the your in the sentence ''your mind''. One instance of true silence of the mind is enough, catch it the instant before falling asleep or when you drop dead :-) or the moment you slowly start to realise your awake or born ;-) Before remembering who you are and what you have to do. Then stopping thoughts, meditating or staring at a wall for twenty years to know thyself will seem like a big joke.

There is no world separate from You the Self at all but to become acquainted to already being the Self anything you can be or become aware of needs to be bypassed or forgotten as irrelevant for realising what is Self. The dream will unfold as it will and end when it will end, You won't... What really is you is the only thing fit to be called real, cause it is the only unchanging and lasting unnamable, which can never be lost or found or gained or experienced in the dream by the dream character.

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