maandag 16 november 2015

Back in the womb

Imagine your back in the womb... Got it?

What did you know then? Pleasure? Pain? Discomfort? Sickness, health? Young, old age, death, life? Not even that you or anything exists at all, right?

Still there was purely the happiness of being without any condition whatsoever... It is only at birth and after that the whole show of conditions and conditioning for hapiness starts, while actually you already have it! :)

My first memory was shortly after birth sitting on my moms lap not knowing I was the babies body, no thoughts, only being, just all happenings all movement happening without an intermediary concept ''I'' and this is how things should be.

Can you remember a time that no matter what happened yesterday waking up from sleep there was no memory of before or of being ''you'' or how things should be? That is the only true happiness and it is right here right now without any movement or effort, unconditionally...

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