zondag 26 september 2021


 Why look for an other?

Why look for another experience that does not last?
One looking for another? How is that ever possible?
There can only be One of You!
Admit it finally, give it up!
There is nothing to do, or undo…
Just surrender!
Surrender to the fact that the experience of this life and world started and it will end, to whom did experience of existence began?
To me, to me it did, find this me! Is what is always indicated.
This can only be beyond thoughts and words and feelings and experience, but what experiences? There is nothing other than what appears in your own mind, whose is the mind?
Trying this will always be a one trying to accomplish what cannot be accomplished, I trying to find Itself means two…
I knowing It… How?
Don't think, thoughts come they go, leave them be…
The I in relation to the body does not come from anywhere, not from Self or God or the Transcendental, or even from itself, it just doesn't actually exist!

It is only, and I mean only because all your life from the first conscious moment you hear constantly that you are this body, so that is so ingrained and perpetuated that you don't know any better, and so it needs to do everything and all to make yourself happy, to be accomplished, to learn learn learn and work work and improve, to own things, identify with more things, my job, my car, my house, my spouse, my life, me me me, I this, I that, I, I, I…
You do not really exist in any separate way, you don't exist yet existence is you and comes and goes in this I=God=Brahman=Self=One without a second, there can be only One…What comes and goes is as real as water in a mirage, as the monster under the bed or what scares you in a dream or a snake which is actually a rope… you make it real by being convinced that it is, real...

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