zondag 26 september 2021


 Why look for an other?

Why look for another experience that does not last?
One looking for another? How is that ever possible?
There can only be One of You!
Admit it finally, give it up!
There is nothing to do, or undo…
Just surrender!
Surrender to the fact that the experience of this life and world started and it will end, to whom did experience of existence began?
To me, to me it did, find this me! Is what is always indicated.
This can only be beyond thoughts and words and feelings and experience, but what experiences? There is nothing other than what appears in your own mind, whose is the mind?
Trying this will always be a one trying to accomplish what cannot be accomplished, I trying to find Itself means two…
I knowing It… How?
Don't think, thoughts come they go, leave them be…
The I in relation to the body does not come from anywhere, not from Self or God or the Transcendental, or even from itself, it just doesn't actually exist!

It is only, and I mean only because all your life from the first conscious moment you hear constantly that you are this body, so that is so ingrained and perpetuated that you don't know any better, and so it needs to do everything and all to make yourself happy, to be accomplished, to learn learn learn and work work and improve, to own things, identify with more things, my job, my car, my house, my spouse, my life, me me me, I this, I that, I, I, I…
You do not really exist in any separate way, you don't exist yet existence is you and comes and goes in this I=God=Brahman=Self=One without a second, there can be only One…What comes and goes is as real as water in a mirage, as the monster under the bed or what scares you in a dream or a snake which is actually a rope… you make it real by being convinced that it is, real...

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dinsdag 20 juli 2021

Perspective of the Self the Brahman and how to get it

 A description from the perspective of the Self, the Brahman, the One without a second: “I am there where there are no differences, no love, no hate, no peace nor war, no beauty and no ugliness. Where I am there are no problems and no fear for pain or desire for pleasure. I am without beginning or end, without creation, sustenance or destruction. There is no action or inaction, no will to achieve or lethargy to let everything happen by itself. There is no doer, neither is there free will or fate. I have no cause yet I, the Self, the Brahman am the cause of everything. I am the always non-objective beyond any subject or object, beyond seer, sight and seen, observer or observed, sense, senser and sensed. I have no body yet everything is my body. Everything is appearing to me and in me like a dream and disappears again.

First there was nothing beyond the words nothing and everything and then there was One with the tendency to become many, from it started to appear and disappear the many, but what comes and goes is not really the Real, what is Real can only be something that is Eternal, Unchanging and Undivided which I am. Other terms for my true nature are Being, Consciousness, Bliss.

Then human beings came into being by me becoming identified with a body as my own self, also your body reader. Through identifying as your body and all the bodies I can experience separation and the many, having all kinds of adventures, like being a king or a hero saving beautiful girls from villains. I had all kinds of fantastic dreams and now I am dreaming your exact circumstance (reading this at this very moment) and every problem or victory or lack thereof. If you can see or remember that all the time then that is what is called Self-realization.

By having the true conviction that I am Brahman, One without a second this can come to fruition. This is the only mantra of and beyond all mantras all others are there only to silence the mind and when the mind becomes still then the real mantra practice can begin, first in words then in thoughts and then seeing it's real meaning on the inside of the inside… When this conviction that I am Brahman One without a second becomes automatic drop it and "become" That alone…

You are already That One without a second when your body is born, then automatically the idea or feeling that I am this and you are that comes but never is this the Truth, there is only one Truth and Thou Art That always, birth after birth. The Knowing of this beyond knower and known is the true Happiness and Bliss we are all looking for in oh so many things and experiences outside of Ourselves but that can and will never last or give continuous happiness. As a big example we look for it in (new) relationships but one or both of you are going to get sick and die or you do something wrong and you split up and love mostly turns into hate. When looking at the true center which is the Self it is Self looking at Self, it is the only Self that there is and it cannot be seen by the not-Self so discriminate between the Self and the not-Self, between the Real and the unreal what comes and goes and what is lasting.

It has been said shun everything outside yourself like excretion or poison and go inside to experience Yourself. This has been said to motivate you to experience and know your own Self. Ask yourself who am I? What am I? Why try to know all else without knowing Yourself the one that knows first. There are thoughts but how do you know that they are there? It is known by me the I so you are not the thoughts. You know the pleasures and the pains of the body and the body as a whole so your not the body then who are you? The I who knows, identifies with this and that? This is not as stable as you think, where does it go in deep dreamless sleep? Then appears a dream body and your identified with the dream body, your not even that, look where has this I itself its resting place? Look, right when you and the world appear again after sleep and see a minute ago there was no I? How could that be possible? In sleep what I really am has not ended but this I and the world it sees or is aware of both disappeared totally for you then who am I really all the time? Cause should I not be the same thing all the time? The Self One without a second that did not disappear and so does not appear.

Be still and know… Be still and Know that I am That itself… I am That One without a second and the rest is superimposed upon it like the snake within a rope or a garden hose, the water in a mirage or the thief in a post, totally real to you before you look closer and you become anxious or even terrified but when you look again real close you see the reality and your at peace again.

I am That, I am Brahman, I am alone the One without a second! Within me there is nothing but also everything that came from nothing and what comes from nothing can only be more of the same…But this nothing is total fullness, radiant of all encompassing Eternal Love with Bliss as its consequence… Keep That Eternal flame burning in your Heart beyond time and space, stay aware of this, love this by Being Unconditional and Undivided Love… Be the Love you are looking for on the outside and stay there by Undoing…

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zaterdag 23 juli 2016


I live... I dream... I sleep... I wake... I eat... I drink... I poop and I pee... I cough... I read... I look, listen, I feel and I taste, in short I am aware... I body... I think...

But I also blow as the wind... I shine... I cloud... I drive and I fly and I whistle, I bicycle and I walk... I sport... I grow and I blossom... I die and I am born... I build and I demolish...

I water... I burn... I freeze... I sky... I make... I preserve... I destroy... I...

I am and I am not.... I has never become you... I was there before you... I is the only one that is always already there but before time and space... I am impossible to capture... Not in any word or method whatsoever... I cannot be experienced, all experience appears within me... Everything comes and goes in me the one that never comes or goes...

What comes and goes is like a dream or illusion that appears, so real... so beautiful or terrible as long as it lasts... But real or unreal to whom does the world appear? The whole universe? To me... But who am I?

What is seen as separate from all else, the convulsion of identification with body and mind, that I when sought has never been found. Thoughts about who, what or how I am, a feeling of being a separated I appear objective to me... One is aware of them, where do they come from? where are they now? Keep looking, you are already that which sees them... Wonder who am I? Wonder who is the one wondering... Can this one be found? Does it exist at all?

What you think you are is like seeing a scary man in dim light which turns out to be a scarecrow. Has the man ever really existed? Can the man do anything to recognise his true I? All this time there was only the scarecrow.

Everything is like a refection of your true self, it is like being a mirror, everything can appear in it but the refection shall never know or experience the mirror...

When this becomes clear beyond thoughts this can be paired with bliss, a feeling of happiness, you'll want to keep repeating this, make it permanent, wonderful for a long time but a trap, nothing and I mean absolutely nothing in the appearance can and shall ever become permanent, it appears within you, nice but who are you to whom does it appear? What is the unchanging you that is neverending beyond bliss, beyond being and non-being?

I... before I and you, before everything and nothing, before any idea... Only as That alone one can [as a manner of speaking] say I am That and That is All!...

That pretends it becomes all this, including you, but there is only That having the superimposition that the waking dream is real... Knowing That am I as I is the only end of all misery, all uncertainty...

And then there was an elephant who blew the story away!

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dinsdag 19 juli 2016

The Self hides Itself from Itself

The Self hides Itself from Itself by projecting all of this illusion [and then identifying with a separate part of it], this big theatre show of duality, like a house of fun that can turn into a haunted house or a fantastic dream that turns out to be a great nightmare.

This can be directly experienced by ignoring the show or dream including ourself without falling asleep [which actually means falling back into yourSelf]. We need to know what is I or Self or actually what its not... We think we are this body mind organism but are we?
Is this person always there? Does the body or mind always stay the same? Who am I that can ignore the world and its false identity and fall away in sleep?

Sitting straight with eyes closed sort of like falling asleep but the instant you feel your dosing of open the eyes and again leave everything to be exactly like it is; the outside world and its noises and attractions, the inside world and its distracting thoughts. When noticing you are getting totally distracted by thoughts then and there look if you can still find those thoughts, did you actually look? Great, could you find any still? Then wonder ''thoughts are gone but I the one that noticed them is still here, then who am I? Look for the one that notices thoughts, dont think about this, look... When the eyes close and right before falling asleep do it all again.

This I or Self that notices is like a fire which is there but cannot be seen by the smoke or the salt in a glass of water that cannot be seen after a while but is surely there or like the stars during the daytime. But the Self cannot be known objectively at all, not trough any action or practise done by the person cause if it could it should be traceable itself. The perfume of bliss or uncaused happiness is your compas. But be careful, the bliss cannot last, only you who knows of it and itself never comes or goes, the unknown knower of all really lasts. The one that already was before this grand universal illusion started...

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woensdag 8 juni 2016


Ik leef... Ik droom... Ik slaap ... Ik ontwaak... Ik eet... Ik drink... Ik poep en ik pies... Ik hoest... Ik lees... Ik kijk, luister, ik voel en ik proef kortom ik neem waar... Ik lichaam... Ik denk...

Maar ik waai ook... Ik schijn... Ik wolk... Ik rijd en ik vlieg en ik fluit, ik fiets en ik loop... Ik sport... Ik groei en ik bloei... Ik sterf en ik wordt geboren... Ik bouw en ik breek weer af...

Ik water... Ik brand... Ik vries... Ik lucht... Ik maak... Ik houd in stand... Ik vernietig... Ik...

Ik ben en ik ben niet.... Ik is niet jou geworden... Ik was er al voor jou... Ik is als enige altijd nu maar voor tijd en ruimte... Ik ben niet te vangen... Niet in welk woord of methode dan ook... Ik kan niet ervaren worden alle ervaring verschijnt in mij... Alles komt en gaat in mij die nooit kwam of zal gaan...

Wat komt en gaat is als een verschenen droom of illusie, zo echt... Zo mooi of verschrikkelijk zolang het duurt... Maar echt of niet echt aan wie verschijnt de wereld? Het hele universum? Aan mij... Maar wie is ik?

Wat wordt gezien als ik afgescheiden van de rest, de verkramping van identificatie met lichaam en geest, dat ik wanneer gezocht is nooit gevonden... Gedachten over wie, wat of hoe ik ben, een gevoel een afgescheiden ik te zijn verschijnen objectief aan mij... Je bent je bewust ervan, waar komen ze vandaan? Waar zijn ze dan nu? Blijf kijken, je bent al dat wat ze ziet... Vraag je af wie ben ik? Vraag je af wie zich dat afvraagt...

Wat je denkt te zijn is als je in schemerlicht een enge man denkt te zien die na beter te kijken een vogelverschrikker blijkt te zijn. Heeft de man ooit echt bestaan? Kan de man iets doen om zijn ware ik te herkennen? Al die tijd was er alleen de vogelverschrikker.

Alles is als een reflectie van je ware zelf, het is als ware je een spiegel, alles kan erin verschijnen maar de reflectie zal nooit de spiegel kennen of ervaren...

Wanneer dit voorbij gedachten duidelijk wordt kan dit gepaard gaan met bliss, een gelukzalig gevoel, dit zal je willen blijven herhalen, permanent maken, prachtig voor een lange tijd maar een val, niets maar dan ook niets in de verschijning kan en zal ooit permanent worden, het verschijnt in jou, mooi maar aan wie verschijnt het, wat is het onveranderlijke nooit stoppende jou voorbij aan bliss, aan zijn en niet zijn?

Ik... voor ik en jij, voor alles en niets, voor elk idee... Pas als Dat alleen kun je zeggen ik ben Dat en Dat is Alles!...

Dat doet of het dit alles wordt maar er is alleen Dat met de superimpositie dat de wakende droom echt is... Dat is het enige einde van alle ellende, alle onzekerheid...

En toen kwam er een olifant en die blies het verhaaltje uit!

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woensdag 27 april 2016

One without a second and how to meditate on it

One without a second and how to meditate on it... One of the great sayings of the upanishads, you are That [one]... All very nice in words but how to have the direct experience of this?

We all want everlasting happiness without break or end, for this we first need to find who am I? and what is truly lasting and therefore truly real. That everything one notices through the senses is objective to oneself. What is the I prior to everything? To really want to know this more than anything else is number one which cannot be done, but when your truly fed up with the drama of life and realise there is no lasting happiness in it is the time to start this.

All sense experience is only electrical signals interpreted by the brain, all thoughts are only about this and are observed like the body is known. It is all in the mind like the dream is, all fleeting and unreal like a mirage, real as real can be for the dream character but after waking up where did it go? So meditate on where the mind or brain comes from, who notices it coming and going? In deep sleep where does it go? All senses, body and thoughts or in other words everything one thinks of as I go away but do you stop existing in deep sleep? No, so who am I? Everything, the whole world is in the mind but who knows mind?

''Meditating'' on this one without a second is a bit like falling asleep, all sense imput and thoughts are ignored until everything disappears. Turning the mind inwards instead of outwards to its source by not giving senses or thoughts or anything else outside of the mind any attention. If there are too many thoughts inquire to who do they come? Thoughts need to stop for some time to see this but not done by you which is also in thought so ingrained that it even feels like a real I but look is this not known?

Just stay in no-thought and not-knowing with no effort, when thoughts come let them tell their story smile and be silent and realise everything is mind and focus it on its source... If you don't succeed keep it up everytime you remember it cause mind will come up with anything to not turn inwards.

Ekam Eva Adhvitheyam 

You can also contact me or leave a message and maybe do this together with me.

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vrijdag 11 december 2015

Everything rises

Be, be in the placeless place before anything rises...

The instant before realising your awake, before thought [which is ego itself] has risen there is a place without an I to achieve any goal at all, be it spiritual or mental or physical. How much effort does it after all take to silently be yourself and be utterly completely unconditionally happy in sleep? In actuality it also does not take any effort at all to be what you really are while awake were it not we see ourself for a limited body-mind which has risen from you yourself.

Everything rises from you, your own limitless being, but that which has the concept ''I am this limited body-mind organism'' can never become this or experience it lastingly. Your best bet would be to be silent until you realise first hand that the one trying to be silent first needed to rise before it could try anything, that it itself is not silent to begin with and not lasting, everything is always in motion except the only real silent one which is you for real and always has been. Which cannot be reached by any method or experience whatsoever not even by a non-method or non-experience  or anything which has only the slightest to do with a separate individual, let the arisen dream unfold like last nights dream, it just happens like it does leaving no trace at all.

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